Head full of words.

Words under my skin, and all that I’ve come to be
words within my actions, consuming my breaths

Words rising from every crevice, every curve
smothered in letters, within every layer, just words

Words in all shapes and sizes, screaming
Or silently beckoning, asking for release

Words driving every instinct, words that
break me, build me, burn me and alight me

Words do it all

Unravel layer after layer underneath my skin
You will discover words left behind by those lips

That haven’t shown face in years, and words;
Words that I caught in all those sets of eyes

Immaterialized words, words short lived
Words unspoken, in strangled thoughts

Spilling from a nib, words
Caged for eons, overflowing every nook

My sun and moon, the intoxicating scent;
The taste of blood in my mouth, words

All these words,
my pleasure.


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