Why am I doing this?

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Hi readers

I have always been a hungry writer; starving in fact, and when I say that, it doesn’t only mean that I am longing to write very often, but also that I am quite literally hungry, all-day every-day. Before elaborating on myself and giving in to the needs of your ever-ceasing attention span, let me come to the point. Why am I doing this?

Well for starters, it’s the never ending desire for more, more than I am already doing. My day job doesn’t placate me or entertain either of us, and this here, is something I love. I realized this whilst my one too many hog-fests I keep having in my bed; that food doesn’t do it anymore.  Actually, nothing these days does, except writing. Writing being one of the clearest forms of communication is yet so unlimited and always open to individual perception. Also, what’s ‘communication’ if the written word isn’t read.

So here we are, having this little dialogue where you’re still waiting to know what you are going to be getting out of this. Firstly, paradoxes; and loads of them, then there’s fashion and a lot more of anti-fashion (I dress in boy clothes most days, so of course), style tips, adulthood struggles and satire, which is mostly well-meaning. Also, you should really watch me try at humor, the reason my friends are grudging and unforgiving.

Not to forget, there’s going to be visual poetry, pictures that would slow down your scrolling frenzy, stories that matter, brutally honest rants about the world and fashion hacks IRL(no winged eyeliner tips or stories about words we can barely pronounce, promise!), minus the glamour. So hey, strap in to a roller coaster ride, with yours truly.
P.S. Warning: I have motion sickness.

Moving forward, for the first post, I did a very doubt-inducing shoot with an unusual concept. I have created a combination of visual poetry and a series of self portraits; where in I styled myself to reflect who I really am, and what I feel in regards to literature, wrapping it together nicely in my love for the written word.



Head full of unspoken words.

Words under my skin, and all that I’ve come to be;
words within my actions, consuming my breaths;

Words rising from every crevice, every curve
smothered in letters, within every layer, just words

Words in all shapes and sizes, screaming
Or silently beckoning, asking for release;


Words driving my every instinct, words that
break me, build me, burn me and alight me

Words do it all


Unravel layer after layer underneath my skin;
You will discover words left behind, by those lips

That haven’t shown face in years, and words;
Words that I caught in all those sets of eyes

Immaterialized words, words short lived
Words unspoken, in strangled thoughts


Spilling from a nib, words
Caged for eons, overflowing every nook

My sun and moon, the intoxicating scent;
The taste of blood in my mouth, words

All these words,
my pleasure.

P.S.  – Yep, so that’s about it! Do let me know what you think through any medium. Artists are incomplete without feedback. Thanks *waving to you all a tad bit crazily* Bye!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Saquib says:

    Amazing dhvani 🙂


    1. Thank you Saquib… keep the motivation coming 🙂


  2. Riya says:

    Congrats Dhvani.. All the very best! 🙂


    1. Thank you Riya.. keep the motivation coming


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