The Epitome of Grace or is it?

that girl again blog.jpg
Model: Aarjavee wearing Evolute Jewels. Photographed and Edited by Harsh Hudda.

Eye lashes casting shadows on her face;
Perfectly poised in elegance,
Lips pulled up in a smile,
She reaches for the holster.

that girl again blog a.jpg
Model: Aarjavee wearing Evolute Jewels. Photographed & Edited by Harsh Hudda

Clad in fair & lovely, attired in yards,
Fueling her feminity, looking as
docile as ever, she stands; the gun
feels powerless next to her ferocity.

that girl again bloga.jpg
Model: Aarjavee wearing Evolute Jewels. Photographed & Edited by: Harsh Hudda

The strut and sway, sashay;
Swinging it all like child’s play,
Bejeweled in beauty, with dainty hands
Unafraid, Unnerved; she pulls the trigger.

To unleash the power within each of you.

When I say the word ‘woman’, most minds conjure up images of flawless, long-haired beauties. Beautiful maidens wearing a smile and sashaying in grace.  Some of you would imagine a model strutting down the runway. A few of you would imagine your mothers decked up in sarees and jewelry, but a very rare number of you would imagine, a woman doctor, or a woman soldier or just a working woman, for that matter. Even the Google image search engine came up with pictures of fair skinned, blue eyed and long-haired women, when the key word input was ‘woman’.

While on the other hand, if you were to think about a ‘man’; you would associate strength and hard-work with it. Tall muscular men who mean business are the only ones who qualify to ‘be a man’. All that pressure to ‘man up’.

Neat tiny little boxes stacked up way too high; boxes that we are always put into. All these lines that our society has drawn for years now, has led us to believe in things that aren’t entirely true.

How amusing to discover that our belief system is shaped via stereotypes. And these stereotypes are so deep-rooted that they have simply become a way of how our society works.  We call our society a patriarchal one, but we forget the pressure, that we put on men, by doing that. We fight for ‘so-called feminism’ under the pretence, of a fight for gender equality; but we forget that it’s women who agree to be the weaker gender in the first place. If we define our position on our own, agree to being at the bottom of the ladder, I don’t see how we can blame the ladder for being too high. Maybe; there’s no ladder. Or maybe the ones on top of the ladder are way too scared to fall.

We teach our daughters to be graceful, mandate the skills of cooking and cleaning to them, call out on girls who wear ‘unsuitable’ clothing, slut-shame our fellow female friends for simple life choices and then, we fight for feminism. We want ‘ladies seat’ reserved on buses and boyfriends that open doors for us, and yet we scream for gender equality.

We strive to be the ‘perfect woman’ for the man we love and his family, and change towns, homes, cities and career paths to fit into a new family and then, we expect gender equality, after clearly establishing ourselves as mere spineless rag dolls who are trophies of their families.

All the protests, candle marches, campaigns, ads, discussions, petitions and efforts towards the upliftment of women are going to keep failing; because, us women, don’t need validation from the society of being equal to men, but from our own selves. Women make women unequal to men. Women pick their own perils and create their own wars.

The day we stop being the ‘perfect woman’ and the day we stop asking for equality from a gender, that’s more or less indifferent, is the day when we truly free ourselves. Let’s pledge to be loving individuals with self-respect and pride while we cross over the thresholds of being men and women.


About the project
Client: Evolute Jewels
Brief: Fierce strong women in her Indian character.
Execution Synopsis: Only because women, especially when clad in Indian attire, look and come across as passive and timid, does not mean that is actually the case. An attempt towards portraying the fierce power that a woman exudes even in the most gentle settings and attire, has been made, with this shoot.
Photography & Editing: Harsh Hudda
Styling & Make up: Dhvani Thakkar
Art Direction & Conception: Dhvani thakkar & Ukti Tripathy

Until next time.

– ThatGirl.Again


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